Catch Up on the Latest Recipes

Chickpea cookies
High protein cookies, sweetened with coconut sugar so you can eat to your healthy heart's content.
Millet Pizza
Gluten free pizza crust at home, in no time! For yourself, or with the kid(s) this is always a great choice for dinner.
Cereal Bars
You will love these nut-free cereal bars! Be sure to make a lot to hand out to friends when they ask for samples.
Chocolate coconut bites
Pure easy deliciousness is only a few ingredients away. Try these filling snacks in your next lunch or for a picnic.
Chocolate crackers
Chocolate doesn't have to be sweet. You can scoop up all your fave vegan cheeses with artisanal flare. Be someone's hero with these crackers.
Savoury crackers
The only cracker you'll ever want to make - it's that good. Easily modified for any flavour your heart desires.