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A pencil drawn two leafed plant is dangling in a beaker.

Life isn’t easy for a lot of people. There are so many things that can happen to you personally, physically and emotionally that make even the smallest task very difficult to accomplish. Sometimes your whole life is like this, and other times it comes crashing down on you and you have to scramble to figure out how to do the little things.

Food is a huge challenge for so much of the population. Whether you have metabolic disorders, allergies or a no nut environment, food intolerances, gut bacteria or digestive issues, all the way through to mast cell disorders or just unwanted weight – food is not easy. There’s a pile of pressure-style fad diets with strange restrictions and no real science behind the limitations, and nothing feels like comfort food. High-fives to anyone on the AIP (auto-immune protocol) diet, you are doing it!

Parenting in anyway, especially single parenting, can be a struggle. If you or the child you care for have any non-standard requirements on top, it’s even harder. Trying to raise an inclusive child with a strong sense of self and a good heart, who will grow into a conscientious adult, seems daunting in our political landscape. Also, there is no shortage of critics, no matter what you choose to do.

Then disabilities. The more rare, the more fun to diagnose you with, my dear. Such a hassle to find out if you’re being affected by the environment around you including chemicals or scents – you name it. Changing your life and going scent-free is hard, even if you want to do it. Plus, trying to reduce VOCs due to climate change, being more self sufficient and the host of other reasons that would lead one to lowering their exposure.

​I’ve gone through (and am going through) all these struggles and more. I created Thoughtful World to make resources and tools for people who want to find delicious food and recipes based on the health needs they have. I’m also working on tools and resources for people going or living scent-free for whatever reason, like my Activist Kit. Trying to make life easier and fun one step at a time.

Right now you can read my Articles for help on Scents and DIY non-toxic projects, and see my Foods for recipes, and food hacks. See my Business Erin publication on Medium for articles on Product Management. We can make it better together, let’s build a Thoughtful World.