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Check out my allergy aware, vegan friendly, low inflammation eats without dairy, corn, or gluten!


Due to past suppression of scientific research by various political groups, and poor knowledge management, environmental disabilities (ES) such as multiple-chemical sensitivity (MCS) are unknown or misunderstood in the medical community. Even though MCS/ES were recognized as disabilities in Ontario in 2000 and the Canadian human rights commission as of 2007.

Find lists of politicians and an easy way to ask them to change the cleaning products in our public places to scent free non-toxic options. They are a more cost-effective option as well as better for everyone and the Earth.

All hospitals and health centres have customer feedback groups you can talk to and request better education for the staff on MCS/ES. Grab educational material and advocate for safe spaces for all patients. These materials are great for Human Rights Complaints for the workplace as well.



My son and I in the kitchenI’ve always loved problem solving, making things, eating and process. My history of creative and STEM careers, and resulting skills in project management have been very handy in navigating the chaos that life tends to hand me.

Whether dissecting how to handle cancer, single-parenting, our vast array of digestive issues, my multiple-chemical sensitivity, lymphedema, hypermobility and just regular life, I have had similar approaches. A lot of research, a few key lists with added process, and a heavy dose of optimism will get me through.

I started my food adventure by creating recipes for my daughter and I, then thought I had better make a recipe book so she can have it when she’s older. Now that we are more sorted, I want to help others with limited diets for any reason eat great food, and find out what works for you. I wish us all to be able to find scent-free products easily, because it’s hard enough just to require them. Plus I’d love to share my philanthropy-STEM-art-based parenting style and projects that seem to work for my awesome child. All of the photos are mine, so I hope you enjoy the visuals on our adventures together. Let’s get into a thoughtful world.



Non-binary scientist, mixing up something interesting in a laboratory. Thoughtful World is working on a lot of exciting resources for people who are affected by scents, scent maskers and toxic cleaning products. It shouldn’t have to be a battle to find something you don’t react to and we want to fight through the annoyances so you get to live your best life.

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