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Chemical sensitivity has been a recognized disability since 2000 and a protected class in the humans rights commission since 2007. Yet toxic cleaners and scented products are still being used in all hospitals, community centres, schools, transit and government buildings. This is a detriment to approximately 15% of the population of Canada, based on studies by the Women’s College Hospital Environmental Sensitivities physicians. This creates further disability and cost.

Why don’t we have adult or Paediatric Environmental Sensitivities specialists in New Brunswick? Why aren’t schools following the safe guidelines?​ We need a better base standard of care for kids.

We need to institute a scent free policy for the staff in public buildings based off the existing policy the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. People are getting hurt.

We need knowledge management outreach to educate doctors throughout Canada about chemical sensitivities and their treatments, and increase funding to our current specialists so they can work on ensuring people in need are not further disabled. What are you doing to help?